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The members of the Food Banks are people who
want to see a change in the food security situation in their neighbourhoods.
They want a bright and healthy future for themselves and their families, and are motivated to act to make this a reality!
Priority is given to people who have two or more of the following characteristics:

economic instability

no formal employment and no stable sources of income in the immediate family


primary caregiver

reponsible for children, esp. children under 5 or more than two children.


old or elderly

is over the age of 55


nutritional defecit

has health problems related to nutritional deficiencies

Eat United Nicaragua currently works with four neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Managua.



280+ people benefit from the food shared in Food Banks

Each User receives a pack of fresh products weighing at least 10lbs

A food pack contains enough veggies and fruits for over

30 meal portions to feed a family,

and a variety of over 5 different kinds of product.

Each pack is shared for FREE.

Average value of the food provided if bought fresh:

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