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The Alphabet of "Ugly" Fruit and Veg.

(Author: Carly S)

A large proportion of tasty and healthy fruits and veggies never make it to the table and are instead thrown away, simply because of the way they look.

To have a bit of fun whilst raising awareness about this important issue, an alphabet of funny shaped fruit and veg is being created. People are being encouraged to photograph letter-shaped fruits and vegetables with the aim of creating an alphabet poster, with H and X set to be the biggest challenges to find.

Very delicious V-shaped carrot

...Yyyyummy and healthy kale.

We aren’t really into looks here at Comamos Juntos, we reckon it’s what’s inside that counts, especially when what’s inside is tasty and healthy fruit and veg. We’ll be keeping our eyes ‘peeled’ for alphabet produce here in Nicaragua as we rescue healthy and tasty fruit and veg that don’t quite meet conventional beauty standards. All the food we collect would have otherwise been thrown out and is instead re-distributed it to food insecure people.

Now that is beautiful.

If you find an alphabet fruit or veggie you can tweet your pics to @WastedFood and @PDXFoodRecovery with the hashtag #alphabetproduce or, if you prefer, the Spanish version #alimentosABC or you can email you photos to Head over to Wasted Food for more information.

If you want to help us out here at Comamos Juntos please have a look around our website, connect with us on social media or get in touch to find out about volunteering or donating.

Muchas gracias to Jonathan Bloom at for letting us use his photos.

(Re-posted from our previous website)

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