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Talking with some volunteers.

(Author: Carly S)

Rebecca (Bex) from the UK and Tegan from Canada volunteered with us recently helping with food collection and distribution.

Bounty of healthy and edible foods rescued by Eat United volunteers.

Bex had been travelling in Nicaragua when she came across a flyer for Comamos Juntos in a hostel in Grandada. “I liked what the organisation is trying to do,” says Bex “particularly as food waste is such a global problem and an issue that people are starting to recognise more in the UK as well.”

Tegan describes her experience with Comamos Juntos as “brief, but absolutely great…. CJ tackles existing problems with existing solutions. Because the concept is simple and direct, it has the potential to grow in undefinable ways. The notion of disallowing the coexistence of waste and hunger speaks the coexistence of similar factors that lead to poverty and struggle.”

Bex, one of our recent volunteers

Both ladies had a brief but enjoyable stay, “I really enjoyed going around the market to collect food from the vendors” says Bex “It was a great way to meet some local people, see what the huge wholesale market was like and what sort of food is typical in Nicaragua. It was tough but rewarding!”

A highlight for Tegan was the positive energy and motivation of the other volunteers. Tegan describes Comamos Juntos as “a project of heart and hard work. I was instantly welcomed into the Comamos Juntos family and couldn't thank you ladies enough for your hospitality!”

Thanks for all your help ladies. We wish you both well and our door is always open if you find yourselves in Managua again someday.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please get in touch, or connect with us on social media.

Some of our current Eat United Nicaragua volunteers. Once upon a time this lettuce was headed for the bin. Now it is being shared with food insecure communities.

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