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Snap Your Snack and Fight Hunger!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

(Author: Carly S)


Here at Eat United we are excited to announce, we have launched "Snap Your Snack", our crowdfunding campaign for 2015. It’s a fun and interactive way for people from all over the world to unite in the love of food and show their support for a fairer food system in Nicaragua.

Celebrate your snack with a selfie!

Getting involved is simple.

  1. Snap it. Take a photo of yourself celebrating your snack.

  2. Donate. Make a donation to Eat United Nicaragua through our crowdfunding page

  3. Share. Post your photo and a sceenshot of the email confirming your donation on social media with the hashtag #SnapYourSnack.

  4. Challenge. Ask 3 friends to do the same.


Eat United began in 2013 based on the philosophy that food waste and hunger should not co-exist. With just a handful of Nicaraguan and international volunteers we have since rescued over 25,000kg of fruit and veggies and provide food for up to 200 people a week.

We have big plans in 2016 to rescue a lot more food and double the amount of people this food is shared with. Right now, we are fully staffed by volunteers, but we have plans to create a paid role for a local person to continue running the project.

We believe everyone deserves access to healthy food in sufficient quantities. Snap Your Snack and help us take a bite out of food poverty.


To get involved, head on over to our crowdfunding page here and keep up with the campaign by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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