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Creating community food solutions!

This week Eat United began working in Villa Guadaulpe. Villa Guadalupe is a new urbanisation built 2 years ago to house the people who were working and living on the biggest dump in Managua, ‘la Chureca’. Severe social problems remain in the community, including drug addiction, alcoholism and lack of education.

Villa Guadalupe exists next to the municipal dump "La Chureca". There is work to do to change scenes like these, where trash is strewn on the street.

The ‘comedor’ (soup kitchen) which we are working with is run by the wife of the pastor of the ‘Faith’ church, and takes place in the same building. Between 50-70 children come to eat lunch.

The cooking facilities are basic; bricks and wood to make a fire.

Maria prepares a tasty stew for the children in her neighbourhood

The Eat United Nicaragua team collected food that would otherwise be wasted from the Mayoreo market to cook a nutritious lunch for these children, with the help of the local community.

We always need volunteers to help in the food collection, prepare the food and do activities with the children. If you're interested, contact us by email, through our website or facebook:

We're excited to begin a new alliance in Villa Guadalupe

(Note, this is a re-post from our previous website! Some photos have been changed since original posting.)

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