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A Week in the Shoes of a Comamos Juntos Volunteer

(Author: Marketa Zackova)

Are you deciding whether volunteering with Eat United (Comamos Juntos) would be the right thing for you? Or are you just curious how a week as a Comamos Juntos volunteer might look like?

In both cases, you've come to the right place!

Let’s start with the very first day. Once you arrive at the Comamos Juntos’ office for the first time, you’ll get a proper introduction to the organization, the work they do, and your project plan containing all the information you need to know. Once you’re done familiarizing yourself, you can begin your work depending on your area of focus.

The next day, in this case Tuesday, you go on your first Recolecta: collecting fresh fruits and vegetables from specific vendors at Mercado Mayoreo who collaborate with Comamos Juntos by donating surplus food that would otherwise end up going to waste. You are part of a team consisting of both local and international volunteers, who are all working together for the same cause.

Once you’re done with the collection, you usually go on a distribution to specific communities around the city. This is your opportunity to meet with local families and share the collected fruits and veggies through food banks. The team usually goes to Villa Guadalupe, Villa Reconciliacion, Las Jagüitas and the Camp of Ex Sugar Cane Workers. After the distribution, you have an optional time in the office where you can work on your other tasks.

On Wednesdays, there is usually a community event. This is an awesome opportunity for you to meet new people and spend time getting to know local families while cooking with them. For example, here is a photo from community cooking in Villa Guadalupe! Again, after the event you can use your optional time in the office in case you need to work on other of your tasks.

Thursdays are usually office days, the same as Mondays. On Fridays you get to go to the Mercado Mayoreo to take part in the second Recolecta of the week, followed by distributing the veggies round the city. After that, you can use your optional office time or take the time off for travelling away for the weekend! Many volunteers travel on the weekends. You can leave on Friday afternoon to give you some extra time to discover the beauty of Nicaragua, such as this rooftop of the stunning Catedral de Leon...

As you can see, the work is very variable. You'd be involved in the action in the market and communities, as well as behind the scenes in the office. So be prepared to get hands on! And most importantly, be prepared to be an independent team member. There are no bosses; so self-motivation is key in Comamos Juntos family. You decide yourself how to manage the time you dedicate to the organization and carry out your project.

We want to hear your questions, opinions, ideas, or suggestions!

Interested in becoming part of our family? Don’t hesitate to email us at!

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